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iOS 4 Fonts Poster

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iOS 4 Fonts Poster

iOS 4 Fonts Poster

I was wondering what the currently supported fonts for the iOS 4 devices are and therefore put together a simple app that lists and displays all of them in a table view. For a convinient reference I quickly assembled this little poster from actual screenshots.

The complete lists reads as follows:

Font name (as to be used with UIFont's +fontWithName:size: method) (Font family)

AmericanTypewriter (American Typewriter)
AmericanTypewriter-Bold (American Typewriter)
AppleGothic (AppleGothic)
Arial-BoldItalicMT (Arial)
Arial-BoldMT (Arial)
Arial-ItalicMT (Arial)
ArialMT (Arial)
ArialHebrew (Arial Hebrew)
ArialHebrew-Bold (Arial Hebrew)
ArialRoundedMTBold (Arial Rounded MT Bold)
BanglaSangamMN (Bangla Sangam MN)
BanglaSangamMN-Bold (Bangla Sangam MN)
Baskerville (Baskerville)
Baskerville-Bold (Baskerville)
Baskerville-BoldItalic (Baskerville)
Baskerville-Italic (Baskerville)
Cochin (Cochin)
Cochin-Bold (Cochin)
Cochin-BoldItalic (Cochin)
Cochin-Italic (Cochin)
Courier (Courier)
Courier-Bold (Courier)
Courier-BoldOblique (Courier)
Courier-Oblique (Courier)
CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT (Courier New)
CourierNewPS-BoldMT (Courier New)
CourierNewPS-ItalicMT (Courier New)
CourierNewPSMT (Courier New)
DBLCDTempBlack (DB LCD Temp)
DevanagariSangamMN (Devanagari Sangam MN)
DevanagariSangamMN-Bold (Devanagari Sangam MN)
Futura-CondensedExtraBold (Futura)
Futura-Medium (Futura)
Futura-MediumItalic (Futura)
GeezaPro (Geeza Pro)
GeezaPro-Bold (Geeza Pro)
Georgia (Georgia)
Georgia-Bold (Georgia)
Georgia-BoldItalic (Georgia)
Georgia-Italic (Georgia)
GujaratiSangamMN (Gujarati Sangam MN)
GujaratiSangamMN-Bold (Gujarati Sangam MN)
GurmukhiMN (Gurmukhi MN)
GurmukhiMN-Bold (Gurmukhi MN)
STHeitiJ-Light (Heiti J)
STHeitiJ-Medium (Heiti J)
STHeitiK-Light (Heiti K)
STHeitiK-Medium (Heiti K)
STHeitiSC-Light (Heiti SC)
STHeitiSC-Medium (Heiti SC)
STHeitiTC-Light (Heiti TC)
STHeitiTC-Medium (Heiti TC)
Helvetica (Helvetica)
Helvetica-Bold (Helvetica)
Helvetica-BoldOblique (Helvetica)
Helvetica-Oblique (Helvetica)
HelveticaNeue (Helvetica Neue)
HelveticaNeue-Bold (Helvetica Neue)
HiraKakuProN-W3 (Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN)
HiraKakuProN-W6 (Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN)
KannadaSangamMN (Kannada Sangam MN)
KannadaSangamMN-Bold (Kannada Sangam MN)
MalayalamSangamMN (Malayalam Sangam MN)
MalayalamSangamMN-Bold (Malayalam Sangam MN)
MarkerFelt-Thin (Marker Felt)
MarkerFelt-Wide (Marker Felt)
OriyaSangamMN (Oriya Sangam MN)
OriyaSangamMN-Bold (Oriya Sangam MN)
Palatino-Bold (Palatino)
Palatino-BoldItalic (Palatino)
Palatino-Italic (Palatino)
Palatino-Roman (Palatino)
SinhalaSangamMN (Sinhala Sangam MN)
SinhalaSangamMN-Bold (Sinhala Sangam MN)
TamilSangamMN (Tamil Sangam MN)
TamilSangamMN-Bold (Tamil Sangam MN)
TeluguSangamMN (Telugu Sangam MN)
TeluguSangamMN-Bold (Telugu Sangam MN)
Thonburi (Thonburi)
Thonburi-Bold (Thonburi)
TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT (Times New Roman)
TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT (Times New Roman)
TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT (Times New Roman)
TimesNewRomanPSMT (Times New Roman)
Trebuchet-BoldItalic (Trebuchet MS)
TrebuchetMS (Trebuchet MS)
TrebuchetMS-Bold (Trebuchet MS)
TrebuchetMS-Italic (Trebuchet MS)
Verdana (Verdana)
Verdana-Bold (Verdana)
Verdana-BoldItalic (Verdana)
Verdana-Italic (Verdana)
Zapfino (Zapfino)

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So ist das mit der Technik…

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Rückruf vom technischen Kundendienst der DKB (hatte wegen falschem Kontostand und fehlenden Daten und Daueraufträgen einen Fehler gemeldet).

Erklärung hierfür war: “Das kommt schonmal vor, wenn Sie sich einloggen im Homebanking, dann zieht der ja die Daten vom Rechenzentrum ins Homebanking. Da passiert das schonmal, dass nicht alles ankommt oder unterwegs was verloren geht.”

“Ist das jetzt Ihr Ernst? Ich mein, das ist ja eine Banking-Software. Wie kann denn da ‘mal was verloren gehen beim einloggen’?”

“Ja, so ist das mit der Technik.”

“Ist das jetzt Ihre eigentliche Erklärung dazu? Ich find das ganz schön unprofessionell. Bin ja auch irgendwie vom Fach…”

“Ja, da kann man nichts machen. Haben Sie einen Screenshot gemacht?”


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TextMate MissingDrawer plugin revisited (again) [Edit 3]

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Some time has passed since the latest update of the MissingDrawer plugin for TextMate took place. Jannis Leidel did a great job in resurrecting the original Plugin by Hetima.

TextMate MissingDrawer Plugin with "Open Terminal Here" button

TextMate MissingDrawer Plugin with "Open Terminal Here" button

Out of curiosity I just added a “Open Terminal Here” button to the drawer’s button panel, which opens a Terminal window at the selected folder or the selected file’s directory and updated the Xcode project to work on SDK 10.6.

After a little project polishing and testing, I will eventually publish the source. Meanwhile, I’d love to get some people to give it a try and test it on their TextMate. Leave me a comment, if you want to get the Plugin and its source code.

EDIT: Fixed the bug, which didn’t show any drawer at all when opening TextMate directly by double-clicking a *.tmproj project file.

EDIT 2: Added lefty support for toggling the drawer on right side.

Lefty support for file list side view

EDIT 3: The plugin is now available for download here (find code at Thanks, Jannis for creating the repo.

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July 8, 2010 at 7:08 am

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Playing around with WordPress for iPhone

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WordPress for iPhone

This is just a quick test of the free official WordPress iPhone App. Works actually pretty well, even recovered a local draft (of this entry) after a crash. Typing novels on mobiles still isn’t that fun, tho…

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May 29, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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